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What sets Michelle apart is her commitment to client success. She took the time to understand our organization's brand identity and goals truly.

Our organization recently had the absolute pleasure of working with Michelle Balaun of TrueSelf Branding.  She’s been instrumental in helping us take our non-profit’s website and social media platforms to the next level. 

From the moment we started working together, it was clear that Michelle has a deep understanding of social media dynamics and unparalleled creativity in crafting a brand strategy tailored to our unique needs. Her innovative approach not only elevated our social presence but also significantly increased engagement across all platforms. 

What sets Michelle apart is her commitment to client success. She took the time to truly understand our organization's brand identity and goals, ensuring that every recommendation and campaign aligned seamlessly with our vision. 

Dre Garcia

Jennifer Ramos

Grateful and Happy

Michelle is an incredible coach, woman, and human. She truly dives in and gets to know your wants, your needs, and your vision to steer you through uncertainty. Whichever stage you are in your brand or project, her expertise is fully accessible from day one, and you will feel truly seen. I am incredibly grateful and happy with the time we have spent together, so much so, I simply cannot go on without her !!! This investment has exponential growth.

Jennifer Ramos

Owner & Artist, Flor de Karonka

Julie Allyson

Working with Michelle has been a game changer for my business.

My existing branding did not accurately depict the passion that fuels my work. With Michelle’s guidance and expertise, I have found my ‘voice’ and brought it to life in my brand.

Michelle really digs into your business and learns about you, your style, services, and vision, and places herself in your seat. Her ideas have been incredible and have pushed me to think out of the box as well. I value Michelle’s perspective, especially in the design arena where I am still very much a novice. The structure of the program flowed perfectly- each week's topics flowed into the following with adequate time in between to get the homework done.

Last and certainly not least, working with Michelle has been FUN! Many of our sessions were held at the Magic House which is just stunning. She is fabulous and I highly recommend her services if you are ready to level up!

Julie Allyson

Founder of You Decide
Yuli Piña Trumbo

Talent begets talent!????

I am fortunate to have a talented professional friend and expert branding coach (worth EVERY penny she charges) to help me uncover the essence of my business and “translate” it all into colors, images, style, and everything related to my new brand.

Michelle Balaun has made the “uncovering” process a fun, full of learning, and empowering one!

Way beyond obtaining a branding book, and guidelines to consistently show me and my business with integrity, she guided me to obtain clarity and focus on the path ahead.

Thanks Michelle, I am looking forward to the next weeks and months for my launch!!!

Yuli Piña (Trumbo)

Challenger. Disruptor. Educator. Founder & CEO Piña Ventures
Steve Winters

Totally Professional and Reliable

I have worked with Michelle for around 6 years now and I have always found her totally professional and reliable in her work. Michelle brings lots of ideas and suggestions about how we can improve our marketing and imaging to our customer base. Through her efforts, we have seen considerable success in our company’s presentation and outlook through our online and social media outreach. I am happy to recommend her services to anyone.

Steve Winters

CEO, Natural Pro Logistic LLC

Before Michelle worked with me, my branding game was like a sad, tragic bowling trip - nothing but gutter balls all day!

But now? Hah! With Michelle's fine-tuning, I got the right moves, and the perfect groove, and we’re just knocking down pins like they owe us money! Pow!

Toni Ronquillo

Founder, BeARichNurse.com

I had the pleasure of working with Michelle on several brand marketing projects, and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

She helped us create industry-specific newsletters that were informative and engaging while paying attention to the smallest details.

Additionally, Michelle's guidance and support were invaluable as we worked to brand our company. She provided us with unique insights that helped us identify our core values, target audience, and unique selling proposition. She was always professional, responsive, and easy to work with. Michelle went above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction, and she truly cares about her clients' success.

If you're looking for a knowledgeable and passionate brand marketing expert to take your business to the next level, Michelle is your go-to person.

Cecilia Rooks

Marketing, Independent Sales Rep at Roof Tech Sales and Associates

I originally reached out to Michelle to help me improve my elevator pitch and she was not only able to help me speak clearly and effectively about what makes my company unique...

...but she also delivered a complete brand deck that I'm using to revamp all of my digital communications.

I'd found myself getting stuck on how to speak to what seemed like two different audiences, our clients and our team members and she helped me gain both the clarity and confidence to fully embrace our unique value. I look forward to a great year in a large part due to Michelle's guidance!

Laura Gouin

CEO, Satiated Artists

True Self Branding helped us to launch our company.

We had a name but needed to have a brand image that would distinguish us from our competitors.

Michelle created the brand logo and maintained our brand image in all of our marketing materials (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest). When we launched in February 2017, we were unknown, and in a few short years, Michelle has helped us to cut through the clutter of social media and build our audience. We have over 15K page views per month and have very strong name recognition.

We’ve had to make several changes to our blog as well as to adapt to the current pandemic. We anticipated that we would need to completely pause our business but Michelle helped us to create content that resonated with our followers which has enabled us to continue to grow. This is what having a brand partner does for you.

It is a mammoth job to have to constantly make edits, change course, and just add new and original content. We strongly recommend Michelle to any company that needs to establish their brand and build their brand on social media platforms and through email marketing

Janice Weinsoff and Tracey Kinker Gebert

Founders, HaveUHeard.com

Michelle awarded me with an outstanding brand audit!

She broke down every bit of my site and I understood her edits clearly. She is a blessing to work with and is very patient and concise.

Raquel R Sanchez

Founder, RRSanchez
Alexandra Marcovitch

I knew exactly what I wanted to contribute to others and had created a series that would do just that. Sadly I knew nothing about how to market it. I chose Michelle to help me.

She quickly understood what I wanted, helped to get it branded and posted in record time. The first posting generated lots of responses in praise of all that we had done and in one week that first post generated what I had hoped to generate in a month. Reach out to her. I know you’ll be happy that you did.

Alexandra Marcovitch


It's so great to hear your voice! You address exactly the topics a new entrepreneur is worried about the most.

I love the Fix Bio audio. I spent so much time just deciding on which person I should write it. You really hit a point there!

Marion & Ana

Founders CAJ Swimwear Legende Atlantique, Paris, France

Working with Michelle is just what any entrepreneur is looking for.

She is quick, witty, and so knowledgeable. I needed to get a handle on all my branding.  When I spoke to her she said, “I’m like your branding fairy godmother” and she is just that and so much more. She organized the mishmash I had in my head about where I wanted my business to go. Her ability to get my message and create a brand that reflects who I am as a professional is unique, strategic, and effective.

Eva Benmeleh

Psychologist PhD

I am so grateful to have found Michelle Balaun on my path at the right moment.

I struggled with keeping myself accountable with others due to my resistance to rules. Michelle has a way to communicate that makes accountability seem like pleasure, light and easy. In my sessions with Michelle, I also had a chance to face some limiting believes I was using as excuses to not move forward. In summary, having Michelle as a mentor helped me to have an effective pitch (I used to speak too much), my confidence when talking in public has improved, I have now tools to present a pitching deck, and I appreciate her sharing many other tools that have helped me grow my non-profit organization aZul for Better Living, Inc.

Sandra Raffaelli

Founder aZul for Better Living Inc.

If you give yourself the opportunity to experience the TrueSelf Branding workshop, led by the outstanding Michelle Balaun, be prepared to dig deep, be vulnerable, connect, make insights and bring your essence to all aspects of your life.

Worthy every second of a full day, worth every penny. Take it from this Inspired Family Peacemaker...

Yulimar Trumbo

Founder, HEI.org

I had the pleasure of being part of “True Self Branding Workshop.”

It was a dynamic, engaging and interactive experience for me! This workshop was very insightful and made me realize the power in my self-branding. Michelle delivered in an excellent manner!!!

Valentina Moretti

Founder, HEI.org
true self

I am deeply grateful for all your guidance.

The True Self Branding workshop launched my brand in a powerful way. I am excited to have you as a resource to guide me the rest of the way.

Dilcia Morales

CEO, HEI.org
true self

The workshop helped me focus on my strengths and driving forces.

I learned how I am perceived (by others) and what motivates me to do the work that I do.

Judy Joffe

Owner, Choice PR LLC

Truly feeling bold and brilliant after the True Self Branding day with Michelle Balaun.

Thank you, Michelle!

Maritza Coscarelli

true self

This has been a great workshop giving me clarity, insight, and confidence to follow my dream.

Thank you for your support and guidance.

Karen Good

true self

Michelle's "True Self" session was empowering and gave each of us what we needed to progress to the next step!

Tricia Keyes

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