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Here's why I created true self branding...

Back in my younger days, to create a business you needed a brick and mortar store or office to be credible, but now it’s easier to hang up a digital shingle to open a business.

In 2005 when I moved back to the US from Germany, I dreamed of one thing... to start my own coaching business. The internet was quite different back then and websites and digital marketing were complicated and in infancy stages.

Taking the leap from years of corporate career security, I needed the extra dose of confidence to create the brand I wanted. I was my first client! Deciding on what is my brand… the horror of horrors, what if I choose wrong or make a mistake?

We all get stuck in the trap of “I need it to be perfect!” especially true for women - - who often don’t even apply for a job unless they meet the requirements 100-110%, let me tell you right now... done is better than perfect.

Creating a brand isn’t a one-time thing, even Coke, Pepsi and Nike periodically update their brand look and feel. Every brand evolves, grows, and adapts. But implementing the changes and being consistent is not only important, but it is also key in solid brand identity.

That’s all the easy stuff, things that are seen. But there is a bunch of underlying unseen obstacles that thwart our business branding attempts. Self-doubts, feelings of not enough-ness, and generally being overwhelmed by this lack of confidence.

Women have had to undo years of second-guessing and get out there, show up, and be seen and heard. Let go of unrealistic expectations and perfectionism. That doesn’t mean sloppy, it just means decisive.

My mission is to assist women who are brave enough to create something new in their second act, help them to figure out how to do the stuff... I have been there done that and I have several t-shirts! I am ready to help you get started on your new biz!

Can't wait to connect!