M is for Media

Brand Director • Concept Liaison • Image Visionary

I was the kid who was told to stand in the corner for talking too much in first grade. And I’ve never stopped. I’m a quick thinker and actually enjoy being put on the spot. BOLD is my middle name!

M is for Michelle


Creating content, written, visual, physical creating is my art. Especially with limited elements or ingredients, the challenge to create something new within set parameters is as fun as going outside the box. I can bring the things from inside the box, outside the box. Creating a brand, a post, a room, a speech, a dinner, anything, and everything.


I have theater in my genes, my mom directed community theater and my dad was a hobby magician. I learned presentation in a big way. Put me on a stage and I glow! Reaching my audience with compassion and humor while giving unique and confident content on topics ranging from branding to how to paint a giant living room wall deep aubergine, I always find the interesting angle.

My Do-s List

I do interviews audio, video, or in person.

I do live Q & As.

I will promote it on my Instagram stories.

I will take part in a summit of speaker series as long as there is a diverse line-up of speakers or guest experts.

About Michelle Balaun

Most of Michelle's career has been in the fashion industry and she lived overseas in Germany for 15 years. Lots of travel and unique business experience worldwide allow her to be an excellent liaison in translating branding for any business owner.

One thing she's learned after working with a luxury fashion brand is how important ‘fit’ is. This is how she feels about branding for business. She believes in a couture-style approach rather than a cookie-cutter formula. Everyone’s business is unique and she loves drawing out that particular quirkiness and developing that in their brand. Like the designers in the high fashion houses, translating an idea into the right fit is an art. This is what Michelle emulates and creates with her clients.

Let's write your brand's next success story — together: